The fleet - ace4rail.

Lease your passenger train.
All over Europe.

From coach to train.

Lease coaches or entire train sets. For a limited time.


Matching comfort classes for your market. Great seats, air-conditioned and pressure-resistant coaches.


Capacity up to 1,300 seats.


Ready to run on lines with or without overhead wires.


Bespoke solutions.

Your product. | Your brand presence. | Your production concept.


Trains for your market.


The number of wagons determines the train length from 50 to 400 metres. Determined by the railway operator according to market needs - it remains adaptable.

Fitting Comfort & Comfort

The interior of the wagons can be designed according to market requirements in the "tension area" between comfort and
capacity. In a capacity-oriented layout, over 1,300 seats per train are possible.

Corporate world of colours

Interior layout

The interior can reflect the colour scheme of the train operator: Seat fabrics & floor coverings selectable, light temperature adjustable, interior foiling possible.

Exterior design

The exterior design of the entire train can be adapted according to the ideas of the railway operator. The implementation is carried out by means of foiling for a harmonious overall image.

Operational integration

ace4rail train with loco

An entire passenger train is leased with the ace4rail locomotive for operation under electric power or self-powered. For minimum turnaround times also with driving trailer for push-pull operation.

ace4rail passenger train

with third-party locomotive.
Several ace4rail wagons are leased and form a passenger train, which is powered by an existing locomotive of the railway operator or that of another company

ace4rail coaches

ace4rail coaches are leased individually and integrated into passenger trains. 

In detail.

The little things for successful operations.


Designed for up to 200 kph:
For fast links in your network.

Vehicle quality.

Always from quality manufacturing.
Always maintenance included.


Use is possible on both electrified and (as yet) non-electrified lines. Especially for temporary transitional concepts.


Full compatibility: Coupling with most locomotives in operation is possible thanks to screw coupling according to EN15566 and train bus according to UIC 552.


Use across borders: Suitable for the continental European G1 profile. To be used freely on the standard gauge network.


Track gauge:         1435mm
Wheel diameter:        Ø 920mm
Maximum speed:       200 kph
Wide gauge bogies optionally possible


Short stopping times: The wide doors at the so-called "third points" and intelligent sliding steps enable fast and efficient passenger boarding & alighting. And thus reliable operation.

Access for all.

Step in with ease: barrier-free access even for people with reduced mobility thanks to level access (at 55 + 76 cm). And a max. ramp inclination of 6% inside.

Comfort everywhere: smooth running, air-conditioned, trolley & trolley transfer pressurised. Plus excellent seat quality.